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Beyond El Rancho

Brings the heart of the Texas – Mexican border town to your table and adds a groove to your dining experience with its diverse entertainment offers.

Playing nightly is the dynamic and highly entertaining ,  The Heat Wave Band alternating with master DJ Mars on deck to complete the party posse at Beyond El Rancho.


Tex-Mex cuisine is at its authentic best! This is evident from the outlet’s diverse menu that caters to those who wish to nibble and share as well as those who want a three course meal.


And it’s not just the food that’s diverse so is the extensive list of beverages and cocktails on offer. A must-have at Beyond El Rancho is the Margarita which is quite the “Talk of the Town”.


Open Seven days a week for Dinner.

7.00 pm till 3.00 am.

Dress code: 

Smart Casual, Dress to impress

Live entertainment all days of the week.

All Major credit cards accepted.